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Please note: Every new athlete must attend a Free Evaluation prior to registering for any monthly groups.  Please text us at 845-866-4858 to schedule your Free Evaluation


At OTM, our goal is to make sure every athlete is challenged by surrounding them with other athletes of similar age and skill level.  To help create this competitive environment, we require all members of the OTM Fam to complete a FREE GROUP EVALUATION! 

*NOTE: When registering for future sessions, you must pre-register for the entire month to reserve your spot and there are no make-up sessions and/or refunds for missed sessions . Thank you for your understanding.


Details Below:


  • 4620 Misty Way, Oviedo, Florida, 32765

GROUP PACKAGES: Before registering for a group package, you must complete a FREE evaluation and confirm with an OTM Trainer what groups are available for you to attend moving forward

  • $140 for ONE group session per week (4 Total Sessions)
  • $220 for TWO group sessions per week (8 Total Sessions)
  • $270 for UNLIMITED group sessions (10+ Total Sessions)


  • Individual Lessons
  • Team Training
  • Camps & Clinics
  • Summer Academy

Ask us for more info during your FREE group evaluation or text us at 845-866-4858 for additional info!


Free Evaluation

  • There are no credits and/or refunds for missed sessions.

  • By registering for any and all services provided by and/or on behalf of Only The Motivated, including all owners, employees, contractors and representatives, participant as well as parents/guardians of underage participants, agree to the Liability & Media Release, copies of which are available upon written request.

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